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Variety is the spice of life

November 9, 2017


One of many benefits of my Job is flexibility and variety, Mastering and Mixing are my main income streams, but being a musician as well as technician creates opportunities for lots of side projects and variety.



Working often in an isolated studio away from people can at times be a tad lonely (I think most studio dwellers would agree) so there are definitely times when I need to get out and about and do something different. 


This week along with producer Ben Glover we've been working on the recording of a 5 track EP for my Jazz funk outfit Oobleck (www.oobleck-music.co.uk) and tonight I'm doing live sound for a friends standup comedy event in Nottingham - The time traveller and the Feritt. 


There have been lots of laughs this week, sometimes work can get a bit serious, so I'm looking forward to tonight, laughter is a real tonic for the soul and variety is most definitely the spice of life!!



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